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Regional Water User Resources

Sacramento River Settlement Contractors (SRSC) work collaboratively across the watershed to optimize resources and enhance sustainability of the resources for all users while maintaining water rights for their members. Nine SRSC members produce regional water management plans to meet their Federal contracting requirements. As part of this effort, the group maintains this page to provide water users with additional resources to meet their combined agricultural and ecological goals. The nine SRSC members that collaborate on this resource page include


Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District

Reclamation District No. 108

Sutter Mutual Water Company

Natomas Mutual Water Company

Provident Irrigation District

Princeton-Codora Glenn Irrigation District

Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District

Reclamation District No. 1004

Meridian Farms Water Company



On farm evaluations, irrigation scheduling, crop ET information, efficient water management resources, pump efficiency testing and evaluation


Surface, ground, and drainage water quantity and quality data


Education and training programs


Newsletters and blogs


Contractor website updates


Funding opportunities and financial assistance

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